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As a community-based social and legal services organization, Pars Equality Center is dedicated to the idea of helping all members of the Iranian-American community, and those from other Persian-speaking countries, realize their full potential as informed, self-reliant, and responsible members of American society. We believe that learning and teaching the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in a democracy as well as the rules and rewards of entrepreneurship are the necessary ingredients for our success as a community.

Students throwing graduation hats


The Pars Youth Grant /The American Dream was initiated with the help and generosity of the Kordestani Family Foundation, which has as one of its core principals, investing in the education of our youth. This new endeavor’s goal is to contribute to our younger generation’s success. To get more info, please click here.


We are delighted to officially open the Daryabari Iranian Community Center, the permanent new home to Pars Equality Center (PEC) headquarters and the first and most comprehensive non-profit legal, social and community support center providing direct services to Iranians and other Persian-speaking nationals in the United States. To read more please click here.

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