Director's Welcome 

Welcome to the Pars Equality Center. As I reflect on the past 12 months, I can say it has been a tremendous year for Pars. We have remained true to our community-based philosophy while scaling our programming and growing the client base to which we cater. We continue to experiment and introduce new types of services, and we do so now with a successful six-year track record behind us. With your support, we are refusing to rest on our laurels and still maintain the agility of a start-up: quickly and effectively responding to client needs as they arise, and anticipating challenges before they appear. Help us celebrate our community’s success. Come along with us on the journey and join us as we carve out this unchartered territory.  

Discover Our Programs

Pars places great emphasis on swiftly responding to the community’s needs.  Its programming spans multiple categories, including social/legal services and counsel; job readiness training and placement; mentorship; younger generations/senior support. During any given week, classes offered include English as a Second Language (ESL); Citizenship classes; and basic computer training. Pars represents a welcoming place for every member and age group of the community, and it is the only organization of its kind offering such a centralized and coordinated facility addressing every need of its participants. 

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The U.S. Supreme Court Allows Implementation of Parts of the Executive Order/Travel and Refugee Ban

On June 26, the U.S. Supreme Court granted certiorari and consolidated two key cases in the travel and refugee ban litigation: Trump v. IRAP and Trump v. Hawaii. The case will be heard during the first session of the October 2017 term. 
In addition to granting certiorari, the Supreme Court granted a partial stay of the injunctions that had been preventing implementation of the travel ban [Section 2(c)], the refugee ban [Section 6(a)], and the refugee cap [Section 6(b)].
It likely will not be clear until the case is heard by the Court in October when the government’s self-imposed time frame for reviewing the vetting procedures began, expired or was arguably tolled. 

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