Director's Welcome 

Welcome to the Pars Equality Center. 2015 has been an incredibly fulfilling year as we’ve marked the 5th anniversary of the organization, opened the Daryabari Iranian Community Center in San Jose, and continued to expand the full range of social and legal services available across our multiple locations in northern and southern California. All of these successes have been made possible through the continued community support and belief in the greater mission of Pars: to ensure the successful mainstreaming of recent Persian-speaking people into American life. It is our hope that our current initiatives and programming and collective efforts as we continue to plan the organization’s future together will make ease the challenges of this transition into a new life. Welcome to the community.

Discover Our Programs

Pars places great emphasis on swiftly responding to the community’s needs.  Its programming spans multiple categories, including social/legal services and counsel; job readiness training and placement; mentorship; and senior support.  During any given week, classes offered include English as a Second Language (ESL); Citizenship classes; and basic computer training. Pars represents a welcoming place for every member and age group of the community, and it is the only organization of its kind offering such a centralized and coordinated facility addressing every need of its participants. 

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Get Involved

As a community organization, Pars is reliant on the active participation and dedication of its members. We encourage you to visit us, participate, listen and engage with the community and get involved. Whether you would like to join the ranks of our sponsors and Founding Members, become a mentor to a highly-skilled newcomer, volunteer to chaperone one of the Silver Club's excursions, or simply lend a helping hand during one of our many cultural or fundraising events, we are always looking to grow the community's reach and numbers.