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Programs & Classes

  • ESL Program: The ESL Program provides adults with literacy and language development skills necessary to become productive members of the society.  Reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English are taught in the context of real-life scenarios. Pars Equality Center divides the academic year into four quarters: fall, winter, spring and summer. Each quarter consists of 12 weeks of classes and each class meets twice per week. Pars implements CASAS (Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems) which provides standardized assessments and other tools needed to collect and report student information and learning progress.
  • Pre-Employment Instruction: Provide pre-employment instruction following 6 areas: i) Skills assessment to identify employment strengths; ii) Computer training in Pars’ new computer area; iii) Resume writing and interview preparation; iv) Online job search and online job application training; and v) Time management skills and other support to maintain employment and vi) referrals to Pars’ monthly informational workshops.
  •  Computer Training: Pars LA divides the academic year into four quarters: fall, winter, spring and summer. Each quarter consists of 12.5 weeks of classes (50 weeks). Pars offers classes in 2 different levels (Low Beginning, Intermediate) classes for each 2 level are held twice a week, each 90 minutes long.
  •  Conversation: The English Conversation Classesis an informal social hour led by a native English speaker, who can assist you with your English conversation skills. The circle occurs weekly for two hours and is very informal.
  •  Citizenship Class: Learn the English and civics you need to pass the test and become a United States citizen.

 Workshops & Lecture Series

  •  Mental Health Lecture Series: Pars offers various workshops and trainings to raise awareness and education in reaching and maintaining physical, mental, social and environmental health and   wellness for the Iranian community in Los Angeles on the last Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm.
  • Money Management and Financial Literacy Classes: Pars in collaboration with Wells Fargo is committed to provide  high-quality financial education, services, and resources to low-moderate income (LMI) Los Angeles County residents. The Financial Education classes hold on  the second  Thursday of each month at 3:00 pm.
  •  Nutrition and Health Lecture Series: For people who want to learn more about nutrition and how lifestyle changes can promote better health. The program stresses healthy nutrition strategies that are important to preventing or managing most chronic health conditions and help maintain or improve wellness and independence. The Nutrition and Health classes hold on the last Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm.
  • Secrets of Success:  “Secrets of Success” is an ongoing series of educational and inspirational events to spotlight highly accomplished Iranian Americans who came to Los Angeles as refugees to share their career experiences and the secrets of their success.
  • Industry Night: "Job Search Workshop and support group for Industry Professionals" is to assist immigrants and refugees to learn – in an informal setting – about cultural practices and resources available in the U.S. so they can successfully integrate into workplaces, and communities. This session hold on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm.