Pars Generation+ is the glue that brings the next generation of Iranian Americans together as individuals and organizations, and strives to empower them through community involvement, career development, and entrepreneurial connections.

Generation+ aims to connect the younger generation of Iranians-Americans, offering them a platform through which they are able to bond with their Iranian culture and heritage. Introduced four years ago- the initiative runs by volunteers, and has throughout the years evolved into an independent entity. G+ now organizes quarterly networking, Meet & Greet, and fundraising events, and has a number of initiatives of its own.

Sports Initiative

In 2018, Generation Plus introduced a new initiative called the Sports Initiative. The concept behind this initiative is to create a team building, fund generating, and brand awareness activity that emphasizes on building endurance, resilience and camaraderie. This year we have formed a team called Team Pars to participate in a Half Marathon or a 5K distance run at the Golden Gate Half Marathon race in San Francisco. We believe that this activity will engage both male and female members and promotes empowerment, health, and fitness to our community.

Corporate Ambassadors

This initiative was developed to have more professionals involved with Pars’ mission. Corporate employees are welcomed to join Pars Equality Center as expert volunteers, to share their knowledge with Pars’ clients, and to assist its employees in serving the community. The initiative also strives to generate funds by means of donation matching programs many corporations offer their employees. Such employers are partnered with Benevity Causes Portal to make the donation process easy and efficient for their employees. Please contact your human resources to receive more information on how to donate to Pars. You may also contact

Thought Leadership Seminars

Inspired by Ted Talks, the Thought Leadership strives to connect young professionals, so they explore a variety of topics in a friendly environment. Speakers and guests alike find this platform beneficial to their public speaking skills. Interested to be a speaker, and share your knowledge? Contact

Entrepreneurship Initiative

As part of Generation Plus’ mission to connect the young and rising talent, the team plans to introduce a new initiative in 2019 to empower aspiring entrepreneurs. Stay tuned for more exciting news in the months to come.

If you would like to get involved as a  sponsor or partner please email us at to receive more information.