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ThoughtLeadershipSeminar|Invaluable advice from an entrepreneur at Menlo Park Office

Speaker: Pouria Sanae

He is founder and CEO ixLayer Inc. Ixlayer is an end-to-end platform for health organizations, clinical labs, pharmaceuticals and consumer brands to offer customized genetic products. The platform integrates to genetic labs, physician network in all 50 states, on-demand genetic counselors and more; through a HIPAA compliant, CLIA certified architecture.


  • Director of Product Management at Helix, Led the launching efforts for 22 genetic products on Helix genetic App store

  • Director of Product Management at Yahoo monetization team, and Flickr photo sharing platform.

  • Founder and CEO of CityBlis Inc, an eCommerce marketplace that served 3000 brands, 12,000 online influencers and 100,000+ monthly unique visitors.

  • Founder and CEO of Complex Made Simple AB, an eCommerce data-mining startup based in Sweden